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When All Seems Lost (Extended Edition w/ Goodies)

Image of When All Seems Lost (Extended Edition w/ Goodies)


ATTENTION: The "Pre-Order" is still open and we will still send you all of the things offered here - gladly in fact :) but we have already made the webisode so we can't add you to that! Sorry! <3

So here's the deal :).
This is a pre-order for our first full length album ever.
There are a couple reasons we are doing a pre-order.
1. If we manage to sell enough pre-orders then we can pay for some promotional work to be done before the album actually drops - meaning more people would be able to hear it when it actually comes out!!! AH!! :D
2. We really wanted to give you guys something special. Straight from us to you... It's the same price as it will be sold on iTunes but you'd be helping us immensely so we want to give back :)

Here's what you'll get.

We will personally send you:

1. The full length album (it's still digital) at least a couple of days (maybe even a week) before it drops on iTunes.

2. Three extra songs that have never been released anywhere.

3. Top quality digital copies of the beautiful artwork which will eventually (fingers crossed) be printed onto a physical CD. Meaning you'll see / have it LONG before anyone else.

4. A couple snazzy looking breathingsparks wallpapers to keep your desktop warm this winter

5. A webisode dedicated to the people who pre-order the album. Not that it's super exciting but we hope it'll be a good thank you :D.

It's been about a year since we released The EP.
We promise you'll hear the difference :).
There are no words that we could post here to tell you how grateful we are for every person who even finds their way to this page.

All of our love,
Keenan and Kiran